Registration & Fees

Please read carefully!

The Registration Fee includes Teas, Lunch, Evening meal & events. It does not include accommodation or breakfast.

Registration fees will include automatic registration with either RuDASA, RuReSA, PACASA & RuNurSA from September. Read the information about registrations and fees below. If you still have questions contact us on

Abstract registration by 31st May: Your Abstract registration will also be your conference registration.You can cancel your Abstract Registration before the programme is published in August.  There is a special fee for people who present at the conference and attend the full conference. You can pay this fee anytime before the 20th August.  Find out more about Abstracts

Delegate Registrations: Closes 28th August

If your organisation is paying for you then you must supply the full organisation details instead of your own address. This includes the Department and  VAT Number so that we can send them an invoice. Ask the finance department for details  first before registering. Group registration is available if there are colleagues attending from the same cost centre. It is up to the delegate to ensure proof of payment is sent before the conference begins. 

Early Bird Registration: the fee must be paid by 31st May or you automatically become a “Standard Registration”. 

Standard Registration: Closes 24th August

Student and Community Health Worker registration: strictly for first time undergraduate students and mid-level workers. Post graduate students should register under their professional qualification. 

Virtual Conferencewe will have live webinars or presentations streaming throughout the conference. The virtual conference has a reduced rate which will be advertised later. You can register for 1 day. Please note the student fees are strictly for first time undergraduates. 

Day registration: you still need to register before you arrive in case of changes to Covid limits at the hotel.

Late Registration:  from the 25th - 28th August you can only register as a Virtual Conference delegates. Note that trying to register after the 28th means you will not get the Zoom links. From RHC2022 everyone registering for the conference will become a member of either RuDASA, PACASA, RuReSA or RuNurSA from September. So only "member" fees apply

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For RHC2022 everyone attending the conference will automatically become a member of RuDASA, RuReSA, PACASA or RuNurSA.    

Click on the PayFast button below and pay by instant EFT or credit card.

RHC 2022 Fees
Day Registration for venue
1 Day at venue up to 19 Aug
All professionalsR1400.00Pay
1 day at venueUndergraduate Students & CHWR800.00Pay
Full conference at venue
Early registrations up to 31 May
and Presenters to 19 Aug
Doctors, dentists & academicsR3000.00Pay
All other professionalsR2100.00Pay
Undergraduate Students & CHWR1800.00Pay
Invited Keynote SpeakerNo fee
Normal registrations 1 Jun - 19 Aug
Doctors, dentists & academicsR3550.00Pay
All other professionalsR2675.00Pay
Undergraduate Students & CHWR1800.00Pay
RHC online registration by 28th Aug
3 days virtual conference
All professionsR2000.00Pay
3 days virtual conferenceUndergraduate Students & CHWR500.00 Pay
1 day virtual conferenceAll professionsR750.00Pay
1 day virtual conferenceUndergraduate Students & CHWR200.00Pay

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