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The Rural Doctors Association of Southern Africa (RuDASA) is a membership-based organisation actively working towards better health care in rural areas. RuDASA strives for the adequate staffing of rural health facilities by appropriately skilled medical staff; and to be a voice for rural doctors regarding training and working conditions.

Our Vision: For all rural people in Southern Africa to have access to quality health care.

Our Mission: RuDASA strives for the adequate staffing of rural health services by appropriately skilled medical staff and to be a voice for the rural doctor regarding training and working conditions.

RuDASA aims to inspire health workers to work in rural areas, and support and empower those committed to making health care available to all South Africans. We provide a network provides an opportunity for members to connect, share concerns, challenges, good practices and innovative ideas, through a variety of forums. Members can share ideas and request assistance from others.

RuDASA is involved in a number of initiatives to lobby for and address the needs of rural doctors and has also taken on a prominent advocacy role in terms of pushing for improved health in rural areas in general, as well as addressing specific topics, such as the availability of posts in rural hospitals and drug shortages. We aim to be a resource of rural expertise to the South African Government and other stakeholders. From time to time RuDASA has issued open letters and press statements, often with partner organisations, to create awareness of the plight, challenges and successes of rural doctors and other health professionals.

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Clinical Associates as a profession started out in South Africa with the first undergraduate group being admitted to the Walter Sisulu University (WSU) in the Eastern Cape in 2008. There are now three institutions that offer the Bachelor of Clinical Medical Practice, namely the University of Pretoria, University of the Witwatersrand and Walter Sisulu University. Soon after the first graduates were deployed, it was realised that they needed a representative voice in order to receive recognition and to proactively build the profession.

The Professional Association of Clinical Associates in South Africa (PACASA) was established on 10 April 2012. An interim executive management committee was nominated to manage the initial organisational structuring of PACASA, and to develop sound governance principles for the future.

Our Vision: Be a credible representative body and advocate for the recognition and development of clinical associates whilst in partnership with likeminded organizations to provide patient-centred quality healthcare for the general public.

Our Mission: To empower and unite Clinical Associates to provide accessible, equitable and quality healthcare in South Africa.

PACASA is dedicated to:

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118-079 NPO
Rural Rehab South Africa (RuReSA), is a multidisciplinary organisation of professionals committed to providing and improving rehabilitation services in rural communities.

We are passionate about creating positive change through rehabilitation which will:

Why Rural?

Nationally there is approx. 1 therapist per 750 disabled individuals. Most of these therapists are lost to the Private Sector. Therefore, the prevalence of disability is higher in rural areas due to:

Our Vision is that rehabilitation services are provided within a PHC framework to all rural communities, and are high-quality, comprehensive, appropriate, accessible, and equitable.

Our Mission

We are working with our rural partners, the professional associations, universities and policy makers to ensure this happens.

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Rural Nursing South Africa (RuNurSA) is a membership based network focussed on access to quality healthcare for all. We are inspired by the courageous commitment of nursing professionals in the face of rural health realities and challenges. We seek to influence the change required to improve rural health nursing care.

Nurses are called upon to lead in healthcare , especially in rural environments by stepping forward and becoming a voice to lead and champion nursing issues which will positively affect the health of communities in this country. Nursing leadership has the potential to changes lives, forms teams, build healthcare organisations, and impact communities.

RuNurSA was selected by the International Council of Nursing (ICN) as a voice to lead nursing in achieving the sustainable development goals .We must build on that legacy for rural nurses to have a voice in decisions that affect their practice and to ensure quality healthcare.

Our Vision: Strengthening rural nursing leadership.

Our Mission: To be a voice to lead in the South African health system in addressing leadership, management and governance.

To advocate for quality healthcare political will; appointment of public service managers with the right skills, competencies, ethics and value systems; effective governance at all levels of the health system including rural areas; appropriate management systems; and citizen involvement towards accountable public officials.

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