The Rural Health Conference

The Rural Health Conference (RHC) has been an annual event since 1996. Initially started as a conference for rural doctors by RuDASA (Rural Doctor’s Association of South Africa) it has grown into a vibrant meeting of doctors, nurses, therapists, clinical associates, students NGOs and University lecturers interested in improving health care in rural areas. The conferences is now run by a partnership of RuDASA, RuReSA (Rural Rehabilitation South Africa), PACASA (Professional Association of Clinical Associates), and RuNurSA (Rural Nursing South Africa) Read More

The heart of the Rural Health Conference is in bringing together a diverse group of healthcare workers, activists, researchers, community members and others, who are united by their passion for rural health. You will have the opportunity to hear what’s happening at local, provincial and national level from the advocacy organisations who fight for better rural budgets and policies, and to connect with people from different provinces, professions and perspectives on rural health. Whether you are an expert clinician or a student, an activist or an official, a researcher or the mother of a disabled child, your participation is welcomed.

Welcome to RHC2021

Equity in Health Care

Dates: Thursday 2nd to Saturday 4th September

People in rural areas should get the same services as people based in urban areas: the same quality, the same resources, and the same ease of access to services. To achieve this we have to be innovative in securing health professionals passionate about working rural, demand redistribution of resources, recognise that “rural is different” and determine how we can support service delivery and the health workers in rural areas.

Conference Location

Klein Kariba Resort:
Bela Bela, Limpopo

GPS Co-ordinates:
S 24 ° 50 ' 58.617 '
E 28 ° 20 ' 9.639 '

Contact for accommodation:
T: +27 14 736 9800
F: +27 14 736 3457