RHC2020       3rd to 5th september

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Questions From Delegates:


What does the conference fee include? morning and afternoon tea, lunch, evening meals.

Will I get CPD points? yes you will. We aim to get at least 15 points, but the points are only determined once the conference happens.

Do I have to present a paper to attend the conference? We welcome anyone that wants to attend!

When will the programme be finalised? Usually a month before the conference, though further changes may happen if speakers withdraw.

How do I find out about accommodation? We do not book accommodation other than for our key note speakers. We list local booking agencies if available. If accommodation is not easy to find on the web, the Provincial reps will provide a list of nearby accommodation. Please book well in advance.

How do I get to the conference? We will list the nearest airport and shuttles, and you can find out about sharing the drive on the conference Facebook page. If the conference is located where there are no shuttles we will organise a shuttle to be available for delegates - at delegates expense. We can also organise a taxi pick up for those staying at alternative accommodation to the conference venue.

When does the conference start and end? The first day usually starts in the late afternoon. The conference traditionally ends about 13.00 on the last day to allow people to travel home.

Can I get a reduced fee? members of PACASA, RuNurSA, RuReSA and RuDASA get reduced fees. Unfortunately we cannot offer free places for students, or NGOs, or service users. Each year we do try and get sponsorship.


Questions from Presenters:


Can I have more time for my presentation? We work on standard times of: 10minutes for posters,  20 minutes for oral presentations,  60 minutes for panel discusions or plenaries 60 or 90 minutes for workshops. In some circumstances we will allow longer presentations.

Can I submit a late presentation? You can ask! It depends on how many presentations we have already.

Can I ask to present on a specific day? We do try to help, but it depends on how the programme is organised.

Can I change the type of presentation after submission? Once the programme is drafted we send it to all the presenters so they can check they are in the programme, and the correct style of presentation: oral presentation, poster, panel or workshop. You can ask to change your style of presentation at this point. Sometimes the committee will suggest a change in presentation style.

When will I hear if my abstract has been accepted? The conference committee comprises of volunteers, so they all have “day jobs” so it is difficult to say. If you need to know urgently e.g. you have to book a flight, you can ask for an immediate review.

If my paper gets accepted do I have to pay the conference fee? Yes, you still have to pay, even the conference committee members pay! This is standard conference practice.


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